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Do you have to be young and trendy to visit a supper club or pop up?

A journalist friend just asked me this. Of course not I said. I have guests of all different ages. There are probably some in the East of London which are more directed at young trendies but mostly I think everybody is welcome. What do you think?

What has been your experience?

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I was surprised that my first few guests were older e.g 50s-60s, the crowd has got younger as time went on though. It varies from night to night. The best nights have always been when there's a real mix of ages and people.

One of my best events was a Sunday lunch when an older gentleman regaled us all with his stories. Brilliant! I completely agree a mix is best.

I once had a guest ring up and ask me this saying she and her husband were old and did I mind? I said all were welcome at my house! It turned out she used to be a stand up comedienne and her husband was a retired forensic scientist. They were fascinating and hilarious to even the youngest and trendiest guests there! I've never worried about age since!

Exactly! Youth is so wasted on the young.

I have been hosting my suppers since September in Brighton and to date have had around 400 guests at my table. I have welcomed a variety of ages from and dont feel supper clubbing is age specific in its appeal. My most memorable guests have been a couple in their late 70's who literally made the night, real old school charachters that would have facinated a  20 year olds  evening should they had been seated together.


Well, the clubs I've run have had a wide range  - 20's to 60's - and a reasonable ballance between female to male at 60 / 40. But that is the burbs - Milton Keynes. London seems to be little different. I attended an evening in London this past weekend at Ms Marmite's joint and felt a little out of place being a male (one of four out of a total of about 20 guests) and in my 50's (somewhat older than the table average). It felt like girls night out at times.  Perhaps you need to be young and trendy in London but can get away with being older away from the capital.............

I agree with the responses so far. We have had guests dine with us from ages 16 to 70! I don't think you have to be "young and trendy" to visit a supper club. Age is irrelevant, we like to welcome all ages. It makes the company far more interesting and diverse and as a result provides a more unique dining experience for all of our guests :).

I think its best to be diverse and welcome all ages, you learn so much from people with different stories to tell and experiences, so I say all ages! Thats what I have at my supperclubs and its great fun!

Definitely agree with the consensus here - a mix is the best. We are based in East London and still, our guests have been from a range of age groups. not just hipsters. It's one of the strengths of supperclubs that there is an innate sociability that is not readily open in restaurants so all the better that guests get to mingle and enjoy delicious new food with new people they might not otherwise come into contact with. 

I get guests of all ages and sexual orientation... in fact we have had a bit of everything and welcome all. In the two plus years of opening  we have not had a single guest we do not like or get on with. We get many returning and we have had many positive comments... for me I feel the dinner we did in a cheese cellar was a pretty big highlight - we had one guest stand up at the end of it all giving us a vote of thanks... It was George Goring the owner of the Goring Hotel in London no less... !


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