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Hi Everyone.


I'm trying to buy public liability insurance online and am bewildered by the options available. Can anyone recommend an insurer that provides good cover for supper clubs?



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Try speaking to your existing home contents/buildings ins company because, like me, you may find you are already covered for such events - in the home that is. We have had Public Liability built in to our existing insurance so I was pleasantly supprised that I haven't had to incur any additional costs. There are exceptions however, in that because I am inviting strangers into my home, I am not covered for any theft.

I have additional Public Liability insurance for any events I do outside the Home and that is with Axa insurance, they seem to have an idea of what a supperclub is.

The biggest problem you have with insurance companies is explaining to them what a Supperclub is. And if they say " Oh you mean like Come Dine with Me" the temptation may be to say that's it's nothing like that, but somehow it's the only way to explain what the concept is. Also, don't be fobbed off with getting more insurance that you really need. Shop around and compare prices.

I suggest using a local insurance broker, they have more to pick from than we do online and so can taylor your needs better. That is what I found out when trying to find insurance for my little cafe,

hope this is of use



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