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Hello my name is Ron; I have been the home cook for as long as I can remember. Experimenting with new flavours and food combinations with my family as guinie pigs always willing to try my new inventions.

My wife and I have decided to set up and host our own supper club in our home. Our history of food companies and passion for great home dining has led up to this point and option. Semi retiring and moving away from the rat race lifestyle we led in London, has given us the opportunity and time to really plan different menu ideas. I love learning new techniques and enjoy cooking; French, Indian, Italian and gastro English cooking, always adding my own twist or interpretation of a recipe.

Our home supper club is our large conservatory to the back of our house. It seats 14 people over three tables. The area is spacious yet homely. The large space of glass ceilings and windows creates a great ambience when lit by low lighting and candles in the evening.

I have always wanted to have my own restaurant, but I suppose I have always been too scared. When I found out about people hosting supper clubs and read peoples stories like mine, I have finally plucked up the courage to organise one. It will be nice for others to taste my food and see if they like it. Now the agonising wait to see if people come and how it will turn out.

The Conservatory Supper Club.

PS.  Thanks to  Lynn admin and others on here for all the tips and  Ms Marmite Lovers' Book  which  is a must if you want to start a supper club really inspirational.

We support the charity MIND.

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Grreat!  When can people come and try?  Your location please.

PS a friend of mine started her own supperclub too 18 months ago and is going great guns. 

Hello, sorry for not getting back sooner been away for a few days.The event is on Saturday 10th of March 2012 if you would like to come. Go to my web site    You can book there and if you go to the top of the page and click (contact us) this will give you our address and map. I hope things go well for my first supperclub. I even mangaged to order my barbury duck legs, which come from the Ernest Soulard farm in France,very excited. Thats great re your friend, are they on here? All the best Ron and Ann. 


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