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I want to start a supper club. I live in the countryside in Oxfordshire on a remote farm, an idyllic setting with wonderful views. I grow a lot of my own food including quail. My house is small but my kitchen is semi commercial as I am a private chef. Has anyone had experience of using a dining marquee attached to the house as a venue for a supper club event? I have a fair bit of land and the farm is available for walks.

I would be interested in any ideas. I have a large luxury garden marquee and it will have a lining of luxury warm curtains around a large 12 seated table. Any tips?

I have often cooked and served wonderful meals al fresco at clients homes, these are always successful even in bad weather. We have high winds in this area but attached to the house a gazebo is quite stable. (I have my quails in an old gazebo covered in industrial polythene and that has stood the winds here for two years).
We are very much a farm cottage property, not at all sophisticated, Darling Buds of May would convey the type of thing we have. however we are very capable of turning things into palaces.

The gazebo would be very comfortable and luxurious and there is a loo within 10 yards. The views are spectacular and I would like at least one whole side of the gazebo to be able to show these.
Do you think this would work?

I am an excellent chef according to those I work for and can cook any type of cuisine. I have cooked for many prominent and famous people...including Mick Jagger .....and some Royal families.

Would be grateful for any feedback.



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Hi Fay,

Sorry I've only just seen this. I've done supper clubs in my garden with a marquee and it works very well. Your place and your experience sounds perfect!

Have you started yet?

Not yet..Tried to book a place to experience a super club first hand but never got any response so sort of gave up. I am almost ready though.

Thanks for replying I appreciate it a lot.

Will keep you informed.


Fay, it sounds fabulous, even in the winter and with high winds! I'm not sure where a bouts you are in Oxfordhshire but you could try getting in touch with Caroline of Wolvercote Supper Club.  She's recently started and is pretty inspirational and inspired.  Here's her blog, if you're still interested

Good luck! 


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