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Hopelessly confused - please help! (FASC website question)


Okay I am new to all this, so please be gentle!


I am launching my new supper club on 2 March.  I registered here as a host. Then I entered the event on the 'my page' section of the website.  However, when I look for the info, it seems to only show as an event 'I am going to' (as apposed to hosting). Plus it does not appear on the 'events' tab if I go to 2 March???


What should I be doing to get it to appear in 'events'?


Fortunately, the launch event is sold out.  But I don't want to be a numpty on using this site forever!!!


Thank you, in advance, for setting me straight.

L x  

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What is the name of your event? What is the name of your supper club? Did you put it in events?  

Hello ! You need to go to the Events tab and click Add - fill in your details and you should appear on the list of events. You are always shown to attend your own event. Then you can put reminders on the status box from the fan group homepage. Don't forget to take photos of your dishes, you can then put them on the blog page to show off !!

Hope all goes well!

Veronique @ Les Bons Vivants York


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