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Hi everyone,

Wondered if a anyone could help with trying to find a company who would provide the right level of insurance for a secret tea room - I seem to be struggling at the moment to find one!  Is it a good idea to add 'homeworking' onto home insurance or best to keep it separate?  Any help/ideas would be great.


Rachael's Secret Tea Room

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Just read about Simply Business as recommend so going to give them a try, thanks.

Simply Business understand what we do...

Hi Jade

Sorry for the late reply!

I have not as yet sorted out my public liability insurance, something I need to do over the next couple of weeks. However, I have been in contact with someone else who has a secret tea room and they faced the same problem as you with Simply Business. In the end she went with NFU Mutual who took the time to understand what a secret tea room is after finding her local branch. She had the insurance added to her home and contents insurance. Its worth a try.

Hope this helps.


Hi. I tried the link on this site and left my details twice but they havent got back to me. Im really worried that I may have to go to an agent who doesnt understand what we do and therefore get fleeced. If anyone could advise I'd really appreciate it.

Hi Nick

In the end I used NFU Mutual based in Oxford - they were very good and did understand what I needed. I just took out public liability insurance separate to my home and contents. The other quote I received from another agent was very high so NFU seemed to be the best option.

Hope that helps, and good luck


Hi all I am trying to sort out insurance for supper club and pop up restaurant but I have bit heard back from simply business or nfu mutual. Local brokers cannot provide insurance. Have you got any leads? Please?

Hi Lia's Kitchen

Interestingly another secret tea room has just been in contact with Simply Business due to issues with her renewal with NFU Mutual. She spoke to someone today and she has sorted out her public liability insurance at a reasonable price too. Here is the link to their website which I am sure you have already seen

Hope this helps.


It shouldn't be a problem with Simply Business but please let me know by emailing me at if you do have a problem contacting Simply Business

Fantastic Rachael. I asked Simply Business to create this insurance package specifically for supper clubs.

Hi all, David here from Simply Business :)

Yes, we do do cover for supper clubs but due to insurance irregularities, it's something that we need to get a tailored quote for.  We're working to iron out these issues, but as I'm sure you will understand, supperclubs are a little different than, say, a standard restaurant :)

As msmarmitelover pointed out, we are looking to create a specific "supper club" trade heading inside our new quote form, however this is something that we're still working on so we can't give you an ETA on the completion for this.

If anybody is struggling to get in touch with us, just drop me a message and I'll get things moving for you.




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