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Blog 2 - Ridiculous meanderings from our Chief Cook and Tablecloth Maker, Sarah

The Next Big Event team escaped this week for a rural retreat in Wales. We stayed in Wrexham on the first night, which to be honest is 'borderline' Wales but hey hoh - it still counts
as abroad. We were there filiming for a
TV show, more details soon.

Wrexham (which is a very unassuming town overshawdowed by it's more upmarket sister, Chester) has had it's very own brush with fame - way before we had arrived. The Hotel we were staying in was the subject
of the popular BBC Wales fly-on-the-wall documentary, Hotel Stephanie, and the
cab driver that had picked us from the train station had been a cabbie on Come
Dine with Me. I also know for a fact
that Tim Vincent was born in Wrexham. I
found this all amazing. It was like we
had found a little Hollywood
nestled on the Welsh boaders. The day
after, Hannah and myself embarked on our spa break and stayed at a Best Western
Hotel - which the guy from Channel 4's Undercover Boss had been talking about
only weeks before. We even took a copy
of Heat magazine with a cover story on Charlotte Church - the consequence were
making me giddy with excitement.

On a serious note, we had some great food including saffron potatoes with creamy leeks and monkfish - fantastic! All polished off with some fab ice cream from a local welsh producer. The Lemon
and Lime Ice Cream was flourescent but so tart and tangy. Lush!
We also indluged in massages and manicures and I guess, what with all
the luxury and the hollywood atmosphere, I got a bit ahead of myself. I called my boyfried to ask (demand) that he
meet me at the station and in my rush to order a decaf skinny latte with foam
on the side at Crewe Station, I told him the wrong time. Of course, I didn't realise this until I had
stormed out of the station and fallen over a particuarly wet stretch of the
pavement, landing on my bum, ripping my leggings and spilling said skinny latte
with foam on the side on that particularly wet stretch of pavement. The boyfriend arrived and I scolded him for
being late. It was only later I realised
it was I who was in the wrong.

I've learnt my lesson. I have a cut on my knee like a 5 year old and a rather bruised ego. Our Holiday seems but a faint memory... still we'll always have Wrexham I guess.

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