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Catering Insurance: advice from Simply business, a must read

A Guide to Catering Insurance


If you’ve been inspired to start anything from a pop-up restaurant to a home-catering company you’ll already be aware that there’s more to your idea than meets the stomach.  Behind the business of cooking there is – unsurprisingly – a lot of business.  And the first must-have of any new start-up is insurance.


Home catering has great appeal to the culinary entrepreneur because of the flexibility it can provide in your working lifestyle.  But in order to have control over the success of your business you have to be protected against any potential pitfalls.  And providing food, often served on premises other than your own, it’s especially important that you’re insured against possible mishaps. 


The essential cover for any home catering business is liability insurance.  This comes in two forms, the first being public liability.  This will provide you cover if you cause injury to a member of the public or damage to their property.  


Even Michelin Star chefs have unfortunate experiences with food poisoning but insurance can cover against any claims from disgruntled customers.  And if you’re taking your food into other people’s homes or places of work this kind of insurance will protect you in the unfortunate case of any damage to property. 


The second category of liability insurance is for employers.  You may be starting out with the intention of working alone but the chances are a large event will come up and you’ll need to bring in outside help.  At this point it’s a legal requirement that you carry employer’s liability insurance.  It will cover you if for any reason one of your workers needs compensation. 


Other important forms of insurance to consider when you are setting up your business include equipment coverage (even if you’re renting), stock cover, loss of income and vehicle insurance.  It’s also vital that you ensure your house is insured in the area that is set up for your business. 


A top tip when deciding on the kind of insurance you need is to do your research.  To begin with assess your company so that you have in mind the type of insurance and extent of cover that will suit your needs.  Then try to find out what’s out there.  


Some insurance companies work with restaurants and these can be a good place to start.  But even those that insure caterers may not be exactly right for you – running a business from your home is very different to trading from external premises.  To find insurance tailored to your needs is not always easy.  It can help to get advice and direction from a company that specialises in sourcing insurance for your particular niche business.  


You may have the talent and the drive to make a great success out of your home cooking but taking care of your business of insurance is the best way to take care of your customers and of yourself.     



Author Bio:

Written by Jasper Martens, Social media manager for – a specialist business insurance broker who offer a range of products and services including Catering Insurance.


I have made an arrangement with Simply Business who I buy my public liability insurance through. I've not claimed through them yet but I met their boss last year and they seem like a social media savvy modern business that specialises in helping small to medium businesses. 
I tried to get a mass discount for all hosts who are members of the Find a Supper club, become a fan but they don't work like this. However they said I would be an affiliate and get a certain percentage for
 1) forms filled out online and 
2) actual insurance contracts.
I'm not seeking to profit from supper club hosts or guests so I will reserve any of this money to spend on the site, maintain the site, and expand the supper club profile in whatever way seems appropriate.  Babes, I have plans !
I would really appreciate it if you could, when you renew or when you purchase insurance for the first time, if you give Simply business a shot...all profits will be spent on this site.
Here is the link  if you are interested in this: 
Otherwise you can email directly but please specify that you have been sent by me! 
Here is more info about Simply Business:
Jasper Martens
Social Media and Affiliate Manager

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