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I have a 'reason' why I can't host a supper club right now. I have a tiny 1 bedroom flat in the middle of Manchester. Or is that an excuse? Am I just scared to open my little flat up in such an intimate way to strangers? I use the word 'flat' when in truth I mean 'me'. I am on the verge of taking a leap of faith and opening up my home and myself and it's scary and exciting and 'what if nobody comes' and 'what if it's a disaster!' and yada yada yada.

I am moving to a larger flat in July and already I am thinking of 'reasons' why it wouldn't work there either!

Wish me luck!!


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Comment by msmarmitelover on June 2, 2010 at 1:53
Just do it!
Comment by Plum Kitchen Supperclub on June 2, 2010 at 0:08
Its is scary, putting yourself, your home and your food out there, but thats also what makes it worth doing, you will be so glad you did! Sorry to sound like a crap footwear ad, but you really should just do it:)

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