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I am really excited to be associated with Waltham Forest's the first food festival which was  last Year on June 2013

      The Appetite food festival.

In Walthamstow I offered the Latin American food and gave you the opportunity to tasty and discover our culture.

They  enjoyed the meals, these included empanadas and  a traditional plate of pork which is called 'horneado' (roasting 7 hours). this horneado is served in a traditional way with cakes ,and tropical smoothies. i also offered other different type of dish.

Now  I have the opportunity to open my Supper club in my home. with this, i have the opportunity of meeting a new people and making friends.

i have had the opportunity to exchange some experiences with member of supper clubs such as Walthamstow foodies  and Uncalm Italian. I also met the head chef  Eddie Perez at the Villandry Restaurant with who i exchanged bay leaves for desserts. 

I love sharing my passion for food and to invite everybody to try my creativity from the Latin American experience.

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Comment by Ecuadorian Delights on April 27, 2014 at 20:34

Now is open for booking for 10th of May.Come and join with me, discover our culture and find a new friends.

Now in Walthamstow from 7pm to 11pm

I like to share their passion for the culinary with creativity in cooking and also share my recipe with my customers,and give good time  and very welcome everyone .

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