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I had to go shopping on Monday for food, for a birthday party on Tuesday. A special request from my guest was, would I cook Indian food for them.. So I thought lets head to Kingsbury to the Indian shops and get all my vegetables,herbs and a few spices.

Parked my car had my large shopping bags with me and entered the shop where I usually do my shopping. I couldn'd belief my eyes, the queues were so long and most of the veggies were sold out and some of the shelves were empty. I really wanted to get some fresh garlic,ginger, Ladyfingers also called Bhindi or Okras and a few chillies.

People were literally fighting to get the last chillies.

What an experience that was and only due the ashes(not cricket) in the air, the planes couldn't get all the lovely exotic foods over to us.

Everyone was joking while queueing to pay for their goods, it seemed that we were going to run out of food and would be starving. Being myself and not to shy I said to the other people in the queue that we should use our own British grown vegetables.

So instead of cooking the Ladyfingers I cooked paneer in spinach .

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