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...scratches on my arms and legs from blackberry picking over the last couple of weeks...washed and frozen ready for a sumptuous dessert on the 30th. Was planning my popular blackberry ice cream, but the turn in the weather is making me think again. We don't seem to be in for a golden sultry september this year eh? No gentle sweet parting from a languid summer..! Rudely blown i'd say....Spinach is benefitting from the wet though...tons of the stuff rinsed in my shower (very appetising). Blanced and frozen for Morrocan Salad. Never ceases t amaze me how much spinach reduces down...late sown yellow courgettes melt in your mouth...just read about WHS Smith giving away McDonald's vouchers with crayon purchases..makes me so bloody angry..they take away the 'women's fiction' folly with one hand and slap us with the other....cut 'em off i say!

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