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Very excited about our first supperclub event, next week in Fulham! We've got the food together, and we've got a great feel for what we want the dinner to be like - I'm sure that it will be a great evening. But how do you let people know it's happening? I've posted it up here, but is there any other place that I should be posting to try to let people know what we're starting? Just wondering how you get the word out?

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Comment by Joginder's Supperclub on January 27, 2010 at 14:25
Hi Jill,
We got a couple of friends to come along as well for morale support. People came through word of mouth from using this website. The first one is always the hardest I think, but great fun once the evening is in full swing! Good luck with yours.
Comment by cucinacinzia on January 26, 2010 at 21:53
Thanks! That's helpful! Surely the first one is the most difficult to get off the ground, in terms of just letting people know it's happening and that it will be a good evening out.
Comment by The Secret Supper Society on January 26, 2010 at 18:01
I started at the end of October and initially did it every other Friday. My first few only had 8 - 12 people (my capacity is 16) but word of mouth seems to be the most effective way of getting your name out. I made an A5 leaflet which I have given to everyone I know and asked them to pass the word on. I have created a web site which also explains what we do. A lot of people (especially up here in rural north oxfordshire have trouble understanding the concept. I've also posted links on my facebook page. Once I got my first few out of the way I quickly got booked up and am now doing every friday. It seems that people here like to book the whole place and get a load of friends together. Good luck with your venture - i"ll follow you on this web site. Jules

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