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I was born and brought up in India in a joint family with over 15 people living together under one roof. Yes...I grew up in a foodie family where the kitchen was as or even bigger than a restaurant kitchen churning out fantastic dishes 16 hours a day(having more than a dozen ppl and all foodies explains it all) !

Our family friends/relatives/other friends/acquaintances never got tired praising the absolutely delicious preparations...some of the dishes they never knew could be cooked @ home till they had it at our place.

And then...I got married and moved to London.
London is a beautiful city and i fell in love with it without much delay!

The two things that I miss though are...after almost 3 months of bad weather now ...I am missing the sun and w/out much doubt I guess all in UK are..:(
The other thing really close to my heart (and senses!!) is dearth of easily available Indian food in its wonderful variety...I miss the sheer variety absolutely!

Indian cuisine is not just about 'curry'...every region in India has their own special cuisine with differences in flavours and spices. I want to share the myriads of dishes that abound Indian cuisine.

So if you want to know more about the cuisine, the vast array of spices, the tricks & tips to make wonderful Indian food...
and if you are interested in embarking on a
gourmet food journey with experience dishes from the 4 corners of India……come indulge yourself @ Chowpatty Supperclub.

Our upcoming event is on 27th feb and it includes a 5 course launch menu for £15.

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Padmini for Chowpatty Supperclub

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