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Important information for supper club hosts re public liability insurance

Why public liability insurance is essential for supper clubs


Insurance isn’t the most exciting or romantic aspect of running a business, but it is absolutely crucial for every supper club entrepreneur.


Public liability insurance is one of the most important cover types to consider when running a supper club. Here, we explain why you need it, and how to get it.


Why do I need public liability insurance?


Public Liability insurance is one of the core covers for any type of business that interacts with members of the public. It protects you against claims arising from injury or damage caused to a member of public or their property during the course of your work.


Running a supper club or other in-home catering event, there is a range of risks that you need to consider. Kitchen equipment and hot food can easily cause injury or damage, but a claim could also arise from something as simple as a guest tripping on a stray cable. 

These claims can be significant, and if you’re not insured, they can be enough to cripple a business. A tailored public liability insurance policy is therefore vital to protect not only your guests, but also the financial future of your supper club.


What level of cover do I need?


Public Liability insurance is available at a range of different cover limits. It’s important that you think about the level of cover you need before taking out insurance.


Most public liability policies come with cover levels from £1 million upwards. This might sound like a lot, but it’s important to understand that the costs against which these policies protect you can be significant. Injury to a member of the public can result in huge claims, and it’s vital that you’re properly protected.


If your supper club events regularly vary in size, make sure that you take out cover based on the largest events you are hosting in order to remain properly insured.


What about out-of-home catering?


If you also run events out of your home, for example as a private caterer or through a food stall, you might need different things from your policy. Some insurers offer dedicated catering policies, which might include public liability, stock cover, and, if you employ people, employers’ liability.


If you have a mobile catering van, you should note that most catering policies don’t include vehicle cover as standard. You should look at a separate policy for your van in these cases.


How do I get Public Liability insurance?


Public Liability cover is available from a range of insurers, and some offer dedicated policies for supper clubs. You can use an online broker like Simply Business to compare a range of quotes quickly and easily – if you wish, you can get a quote here.


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