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ahhhh Brunch, the best meal of the day.


I have great hopes that this 11-12 o clock beauty will supersede dinner as the best loved and most looked forward to culinary event of the day. Brunch spans the realm of sweet and savoury; soft doughy breads, rich runny yolks, crisp and salty meats, crunchy fresh greens, tart fruits, mellow dairy.... I could go on.


No not to sound like the M&S lady but brunch is a heavenly occasion in my eyes and it is for this reason that we have launched our new secret supper club.... or rather bruncheon club in Southampton, Hampshire.

This fervent homecook has decided to transcend the realm of the underground dining scene. An avid supper club attendee myself, I'm eager to test the waters back here in Southampton.


Here are some of our favourite Bruncheon mainstays:


1) Delicious jam: Fortnum and mason strawberry preserve, Dt Dalfour (eek Franch I know,) "Ruth's" local blackberry jam I pick up at a odds and sods market.


2) Fresh local, free range eggs. Scrambled, poached, souffled, whisked into an omlette... however you like them.


3) Best quality unsalted butter, however delious your bagels are, however good you are a scrabling an egg, the butter you use will make or break the dish.


4) Mismatched crockery. Bright, flowery, spotty, shinny, crisp white. I love it all.


Do you love brunch and breakfast? Get in touch.. we love sharing ideas. Click the link below to see a sample bruncheon club menu.

Sample Bruncheon menu


The Sunday Brunchen club team


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