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I'm having to approve new members as the spate of spamming members is ridiculous at the moment.Unless there are some members who do actually need help with their sexual performance. I also suspended another rival site. The only reason they are joining is to get everybody's contacts. They are not, as far as i can see, part of the community, that is, supperclub hosts. I put my entire list of contacts on this group in order to get it going and I'm sure other people have also done that (if not please consider it, this will widen the 'audience' for supperclubs, we are not in competition, I find that most people want to visit all supperclubs, do the circuit). I don't see why we should allow these contacts to be used for commercial purposes.
The timing of this spam suggests a deliberate attack on this group by one of these rival organisations which is pretty low if it's true.
Anyway good cooking this weekend...myself I'm doing a film and food night with a really complicated menu...yikes!

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Comment by msmarmitelover on March 11, 2010 at 0:36
New genuine members, please give as many details about yourself as possible, age, location ect so as to distinguish yourself from the absolute deluge of spammers. I'm talking to Ning about it and they are attacking everybody at the moment.

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