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This is my favourite recipe for leeks currently, I sell it at Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells Farmers Markets in Kent. They sold very well over the weekend and caused curiosity as people wanted to know the difference to the Scotch varity. The answer is they are vegetarian and contain leeks hence the name!


Welsh Eggs


Ing: 6 eggs hard boiled and shelled, 1 egg beaten, aprox 4 leeks, 3 teaspoons mixed herbs, 5 slices of wholemeal bread, pinch salt (opt)natural breadcrumbs, vegetable oil for frying.

1) Fry the leeks until soft.

2) Blend leeks bread slices (best to break them up a bit first) salt & herbs.

3) Divide mix into 6, Place egg in the centre of a section of the leek mixture and work it round the egg.

4) Roll in the beaten egg then coat in breadcrumbs.

5) Fry in deep fat fryer until golden brown or use oil in saucepan and turn eggs with tongs to fry evenly.

Serve warm or chilled.

NB best to fry 2 at a time. Add you own leek recipe and send to lovethegarden competition.

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Comment by msmarmitelover on March 17, 2012 at 12:28

Ha! Brilliant...have you sent the recipe in?

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