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At WeGotTickets we're delighted to be working with Ms Marmite Lover as the official ticketing partner for her Supper Club Fan Group. We're are currently creating a Supper Club 'portal' which will list the Fan Group member's events in this one area of their site, which will be designed to look and feel like the Fan Group's own website. 


The following document details a few of the benefits to using WeGotTickets for your ticketing requirements, and explains some of the key features of the system. Should you need any further information, or if you would like to discuss any specific requirements you may have, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our Support Team whose contact details are listed at the bottom of this document. 


The Supper Club Ticket portal:

Customers browsing the Fan Group will be able to click through to a tickets, or reservations section, which will divert them to the WeGotTickets' portal where they will find all of the relevant events that are listed for sale. There will be Supper Club specific search functionality which will include buttons for popular search terms such as 'vegan' or 'gluten free', and customers will still be able to search by region and date as normal.


Paperless tickets - Supper Club booking confirmation emails:

We don't send out physical tickets. Instead, we send booking reference numbers by email which are

checked off against a ticket list on the day. We're keen to create an alternative to our standard ticket confirmation email. This new booking confirmation email will be more focussed on food and drink events as opposed to gigs and shows, and you will also be able to send over your own text that you would like to include in the emails. 


Last minute ordering:

Because of the way our tickets are delivered by email your event can stay on sale until 6pm on the

night of the event. If you want it off sale before then, you can take your event off sale at a click of a

button at any time. Moreover, we can also set up auto on-sale and off-sale times that are convenient

for you.



We're keen to help promote your events for you, and as such every event you list with us will be automatically included in our national mailshot which goes out weekly to approximately 500,000 people. 


We're also keen to promote the Supper Clubs portal as much as possible, so we'll also be doing some marketing to direct our customers to these events. We'll be sending targeted mailshots to our national database of food and drink customers on either a two monthly or quarterly basis. Within these mailshots we'll include a link to the portal, and we'll also include features on three or four different Supper Clubs each time. These features will include a paragraph or so of text about the Supper Club, and specific links to their upcoming events. 


Ready-coded links and banners:

When you put an event on sale with us you'll automatically be emailed the link to that event's page

on our site; similarly you can get a link to all of your events at a specific venue. 


We can also create a link for you which will divert customers to every event you have on sale across different venues, with your Supper Club name in the link – if you want to include these on your website there are ready-coded banners and 'buy' links available as well.



We're renowned throughout the UK ticketing industry for our high levels of support to our clients (you, the Supper Club organiser) and to our customers (those purchasing your tickets). We can be contacted out of office hours if you have a last minute cancellation or postponement.


A cost effective system:

Your customers will never pay more than a 10% booking fee, one of the cheapest in UK ticketing. For tickets priced over £25 the booking fee percentage is scaled downing to ensure that your customers are never paying too much for their ticket. There will never be any other charges made to either the customer or yourself – this is a free service to you, the client. If you'd prefer your customers didn't pay a booking fee, you can arrange to pay that yourself. We can simply deduct that from the payment we make to you after the event takes place.


Charitable donations:

Here at WeGotTickets we believe in being more than just an anonymous agency, and as such have

set up links with some of our favourite charities to enable us to give something back. If you're

hosting an event in aid of a charity we're happy to consider donating a percentage of our booking fee to the cause. We'll also enable your customers to donate directly to the charity at the point of purchase – this system has helped generate thousands of pounds of extra income for charities like War Child, Oxfam and Shelter.


Sales reports:

When you have events on sale you can see real-time sales figures from your client admin area, and

after the event you can check different sales statistics for events.


Secret links/Promo-codes:

If you'd like to run a special offer for your mailing list, or in print advertising, we can provide you with a secret link that isn't searchable from the main customer site or with a promo-code system where your customers can access specially priced tickets.



These are just some of the features you'll benefit from by selling your tickets through WeGotTickets

– but remember, we're adaptable and welcome new suggestions, so if you have any special

requirements not outlined above, feel free to contact our Support Department on 01865

798797 or email and we'll be happy to help.


If you're keen to register simply follow this link,, and complete the

registration form – we'll have you selling tickets in no time.

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