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Spring-cleaning your kitchen storage cupboard can be a good way to rekindle interest in long-forgotten implements, tools and machines! I was indulging in this dubious pleasure the other day and found stuff that hadn't seen the light of day for a very long time. I decided it was time for these items to come back to the fore.

  One of them was the pasta machine. Recovered long ago from my in-laws who had used it once and then got tired of it, it enjoyed a place of honour in our kitchen for quite a while and then life got a bit hectic and it got pushed towards the back of the kitchen cupboard and never got another look.

Extracting it from behind all manner of clobber got my interest tickled and I decided it was time for a revival. It was a bit like finding a long-lost friend after many years. I just had to bring that relationship back, actively. So after a spot of cleaning to eliminate evident signs of neglect, there it was again in all its shining glory, ready for a second lease of life.

And here are the results! Delicious raviolis with parma ham, sun-dried tomato, a bit of parmigiano, mozzarella & fresh basil inside. Yum!

  We so enjoyed making and eating our pasta we've wowed never to buy so called fresh pasta again. Home-made is SO superior and SO easy,  I just can't understand how we could allow ourselves to forget that.

Dear pasta machine, we love you dearly. Here's a friend that's not going to be abandoned again.


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