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Holiday SCIAB

Supper Club In-A-Box is a DIY, home version of the monthly dinner party we throw in unique spaces around NYC. One of the main reasons we host our dinners is to bring people together and allow them to make new friends. We set the dinner in unexpected places and pair it all with delicious food which always makes it a little easier for our guests to bond. This holiday season we decided to box up some of the magic so you can host your own supper club event and woo your friends. We have modeled this box after our REEL TASTY event, a dinema experience where guests share large, movie themed, plates of food with each other while we project a movie two stories high on an adjacent building. Everything you need is in the box. Just add friends and bake. We really did think of everything. In each box is a fresh batch of 10 homemade cookies straight from our families secret recipe box. You’ll also get detailed instructions for every component. A shopping list, recipe cards for each dish and even menu place cards for your 10 guests are all in the box. As a final touch a specially prepared holiday trivia short DVD is in the box too. This is the perfect prelude to your favorite holiday flick whether it’s A Christmas Story or Die Hard(a favorite of ours). The only thing you have to do is buy the food and set the table. The rest will fall into place. Curious? Excited? Hungry? Snap one up before they’re gone. We have only produced a limited quantity for the holiday season. Click below and one of these magic boxes will be on it’s way to your door between Christmas and New Years Eve. Your friends and family will be super impressed with all the details and recipes. Take all the credit, it’s fine with us. It’ll be our little secret. What does all this tasty wonder cost?


+Shipping (Allow 3-5 days for delivery) We'll ship super fast if you ask us to we'll just need to charge you a little more.


Holiday SCIAB

Still Curious? Let’s dig a little deeper.

What you get: 10 gourmet cookies 10 menu/place cards 6 recipe cards 1 shopping list outlining the ingredients needed for the meal 1 pre-holiday movie short with a hidden holiday trivia game 10 clothes pins for assembly of the place cards

(Note: Food not included)

What you add: Friends and family Your magic touch The food

(Note: The cookies are the only food in the box. You will need to visit your local supermarket and purchase the items on the shopping list.)

You'll be greeted by our friendly mascot as you open the box. He'll get you moving step-by-step.


Under him you'll find a folder containing a FULL shopping list as well as step-by-step instructions for all 6 recipes. We have even included a help line if you get stuck and have questions.


Next you are onto the arts and crafts portion of the box. 10 custom printed menus with detailed instructions are provided to adorn your dinner table. We promise this is a fun and cathartic part of your prep. Scissors and scotch tape are all you need to complete this 'lil craft.


Next up, you'll find the specially created trivia short we made just for you. Simply pop it into your DVD player or computer and you are ready to set the holiday movie mood. Here is a little teaser.

Last and certainly not least, nestled into the bottom of the box are the fresh homemade cookies. Each box is different. Some of you may get Aimee's award winning OREO Cookie Cookies. Others may get my mom's Italian tortalina cookies or my Aunt Linda's holiday walnut cookies. Whichever delectable morsel you find we promise their will be one for each guest and they will all be super fresh. As we mentioned before we are only producing a limited quantity so grab one while they last. If you'd like to be in the know for our next custom treat box, get on the mailing list for first dibs.

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