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"This is my home!" said Arno in a half-defensive, half-proud tone, "It's decorated with the things I love, I serve the food I love, this is my home!" And indeed it felt more like Arno had invited us over for an amazing dinner to his beautifully-decorated home on Saltoun Rd in Brixton, and less like a supper club we booked online. Arno is the artsy, talented and friendly host of the Saltoun Supper Club, and as you can see in the pic below, he has a truly impressive beard! His place is equally impressive, and every corner makes you pause with something unique you'd have to definitely take a second look at.

The Saltoun Supper Club was pretty high up on our supper-clubs-to-visit list. With more reviews online than most of the other clubs (e.g. The Happiness Project, The London Foodie), mentions from The New York Times, The Guardian and Time Out, and a short indie documentary on Arno we were intrigued, to say the least.

We visited on Thursday, Jan 10, 2013, with our friend Filippos, and  although we were not as lucky with our menu that day as the bloggers from Around Britain with a Paunch, for example, we were still happy with what Arno had put together for our dinner. The atmosphere was really relaxed, service was excellent, but we found music could have helped the guests relax even more.

Our first starter: marinated winter veggies

Pieces of bread and a block of butter served on a tile were waiting for us upon arrival. After a short wait, we were served our first starter, Salad of Marinated Winter Vegetables placed carefully on a strip, which we found  tasty, yet plain.

Our second starter: Celeriac veloute with truffle

We found our second starter, Celeriac Veloute with Truffle, amazingly flavorsome and wouldn't stop wow'ing throughout the entire time we were sipping it from these unique little teacups it was served in. The soup had a perfect veloute thickness, smooth and lumpless texture, distinct and delicate flavors, and it was served with a piece of brioche -a perfect cure for that winter weather which was just starting to creep up on us. Seconds, which were much much appreciated, were served through a teapot which was a pleasantly surreal touch, we thought.

Roast Pork Fillet with Giant Couscous, Sweet Potato & Peppers

We were given some time to relax and mingle with the other guests in the art gallery-looking living room downstairs. We initially thought 25 minutes was going to be a bit long, but time flew by with all the items around the living room that are the essense of Arno's flat and Arno himself, no doubt. Our main, Roast Pork Fillet with Giant Couscous, Sweet Potato & Peppers, that followed did not disappoint. The sherry-based gravy covered those succulent tenderloin pieces that surrounded a few vegetables that were nicely presented. We did find ourselves hoping there would be more veggies though.

Chocolate Plate with Salted Caramel

Our dessert was a Chocolate Plate with Salted Caramel. Although we found each part of the plate truly delicious, we thought the combination was a bit overwhelming and confusing, and left us too full to indulge in Petit Fours and Coffee (although those seconds of celeriac veloute soup might have had something to do with that!)

The best part of the evening was, no doubt, talking to Arno after dinner, one of the first Supper Club hosts in London. His insights were truly useful to us, and we hope to have the opportunity to talk to him more about his Supper Club hosting experience in some other occassion.

-Salad of Marinated Winter Vegetables
-Celeriac Veloute with Truffle

Roast Pork Fillet with Giant Couscous, Sweet Potato & Peppers

-Chocolate Plate with Salted Caramel
-Petit Fours and Coffee

Our rating (out of 5)
Food: *** 
Atmosphere: ****
Overall: ****

And some more pics:

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