Find a Supper Club

Find out where and when is your local underground restaurant/pop up/supper club

Can anyone recommend good, inexpensive ways in which to publicize your supper club?? 

Mother Goose x

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Hi, little advertisement on your local shop window, search web if there is any small business forum for your local area which help introduce small business. in fife we have (small business connection fife) a page on Facebook, where everyone advertise for free about there business. Hope it helps.xx

Social media has been the most effective way of getting the word out about our supper club. I would suggest getting a website  first and then joining Twitter and starting a Facebook page. Good Luck!

Hi Mother Goose,

You could create an event on Yelp too. There's an online magazine called The Nudge who list pop up restaurants - maybe they would include it there...?

Twitter is your friend though. Search for people who share pop ups and supper clubs and tweet them!

Best wishes,


Get in touch with local radio or newspapers. They are always looking for a story and if you have the first supper club in your area, they will definitely be interested.  Search for them and message them on Twitter and facebook also as a way of contacting local media. 

Social media like twitter and FB has worked well. Also if find local food blogs promoting other places ask them to add you to their blogroll and give you a shout. Good Luck


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