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Norwegian sisters would love to visit a Supper Club in London!


First of all, love this site and love the idea of Supper Clubs. I am a new member, joined yesterday after reading about London Supper clubs in my local newspaper in Bergen, Norway. I was very inspired, and would love to try this. Maybe this is something I could start up in Norway?

I will be in London with my sister, saturday the 11th of January, sunday the 12th and monday the 13th. I do hope that there will be a supper club in London one of these days, we would love to come!

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Hi Lena,

Keep checking the dates and I'm sure there will be some dates for you to attend! I'm hosting a New Years Eve supper club myself but am doing less for a while as I'm working on a new book.

Kerstin/msmarmite (site owner)


Hopefully yes! let me know if you find something before me.


We have now booked Saturday the 11th at : WhiteRoomSupperClub

Come and join us!!!




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