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My visit to a vintage bazaar in Somerset yesterday got me thinking - running and enjoying supper clubbing is a mindset that goes hand in hand with the movement to upcycle vintage things, everything from table linens and candlesticks to hand whisks and beyond and to also learn from past generations about the importance of simple pleasures and rituals (& food has to be high on this list!) The ethos seems to be : be yourself and don't follow fashions; focus on giving family and friends (and I would hope to extend this to the supper clubbing "family") a warm welcome and happy memories rather than material things; get out of the habit of doing what everyone else does by thinking outside the box a little and , finally, you don't need to do as mass media and advertising tells you. This is the ethos I shall keep in my mind and heart as I continue on my journey to launch  Secret Stirrings Supper Club. I'm pretty sure from what I've read in her book, msmarmite would agree. (To read more about the actual bazaar please see my blog  Thanks. Fiona

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I couldn't agree more we actually reupholstered all the chairs we originally got for the supper club and like our mix match things. We are not trying to be a fancy restaurant where everything matches and people appreciate it. Here's a little look see at two of the chairs. We also hand make gifts to give to our guests (when we get the chance) and I think it's some much more thoughtful, good luck with your supper club. 

I completely agree Fiona. I love vintage kitchenalia but I love it when each supper club has a different style. That's part of the discovery process....I like looking around other people's houses too...



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