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I'm dithering about like you wouldn't believe! I live in Stafford, a town not known for it's buzzing food scene I have to say! I'm a caterer, sort of 'off season' now and I'm itching to start a supper club.. I've bought the book, planned a menu, got a first date in mind..Now will somebody who has taken the plunge in an unpromising town/location inspire me with a success story? Shall I just shut up and get on with it?

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Hi Karen


Welcome to the site.

Glad youv'e bought Kerstin's book, so what's stopping you? To quote your own words ..." shut up and get on with it." 

That, in effect, is what just about all of us have done. Once you get your event posted you will need to start networking, especially on Twitter and facebook. Make friends with people in your area on this site and send them an invite.

Good luck


Lynn ( Admin)



Oh no..the much feared & not understood ( by me, anyhow) social media. I'm now shutting up & getting on with it!


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