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Hi there,


We have just started up a supper club and are having our third evening this month,

does anyone have any tips on how to promote evenings, i know twitter seems to be the no1 thing to do at the moment but im quite confused by it, how do i get people following me?


hope you can help!



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Hi Danielle

I'm on Twitter @mysecrettearoom

In order to get people to follow you, first you need to follow them, then talk to them. Tell them what you do in the same way you would talk to people in a room. Find me on Twitter and take a look at my followers. Find the ones in your area and start to follow and chat to them. DO NOT be spammy - constantly promoting yourself, it will put people off.

Good luck



I found this book really helpful for understanding Twitter.

When it comes to Facebook, it is quite easy to set up a seperate "business" page and then ask all your friends to like it!

Then comes the hard bit, you have to try and post as often as possible (daily!) and reply to any comments and people who "like" your statuses. Be helpful not just talking about you, in this case recipes, tips, recommendatsion on where to find products or info.

Make sure that your profile details of FB or Twitter are on ALL your marketing so people can connect and see who you are. Use lots of pictures and be yourself, it's social media so people want to feel they are your friend.

And make sure that your profile has the details to book!!!!

At least that is what I have done for the business where I work and it seems to be working.




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