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There is no clear recipe for what we do, however......
There is a space between -and touching both, a semi-gastronomic restaurant and a grandmother's table.
It is not a bouchon (as much as we adore a good one),
It is not a bistro (as fun and exciting as a good one is),
It is not a fancy restaurant (even though a good one is a pillar of indulgence)
But somehow, it includes all of these.

The venture is nomadic in nature so it may not always be our door we open to you, but it will always be our table. Like a grandmother's table (and unlike a restaurant table) we will only give you what we love, and hope you do too; like a restaurant table (and unlike a grandmother's table) we are professional and polished, and know exactly how to take care of everything.

We believe strongly in small, local suppliers: we want to support local and eat local (for our ethics and our bellies!). It is also vital for us to eat seasonally, and, if possible organically. Isn't it beautiful that supporting the local producers usually produces a better meal anyway ?

So, as many great little places to eat as there are, one thing we know for sure : there is only one like ours.
See you soon, bring your appetite.

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