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Supper Clubs Wanted As Guests On eRadio Talk Show

eRadio Broadcast Network is launching the home dining segment of What's On Now and we invite Supper Clubs worldwide and their guests to participate.
What's On Now promotes all types of events around the world on eRadio Broadcast Network. During the broadcast, the host of What's On Now engages the organisers and their guests in live interactive discussion about the home dining experience.
With our cutting-edge, eRadio technology, Supper Club organisers and their guests can participate in these discussions from the convenience of their home, using a computer, Internet, skype or telephone.

What's On Now is broadcast live via the Internet and can be heard by millions of listeners worldwide who tune into online radio. Listeners can tune in via their desktops, laptops. iPads or mobile phones.
During the live discussion, listeners from anywhere in the world can also call in to ask questions directly to the Supper Club organisers and their guests or share their comments on the home dining concept.
Listeners also participate in the online discussion via telephone, skype or instant chat messaging.

This offers great exposure to Supper Clubs locally and internationally. In addition to the exposure received from the live audience, each What's On Now broadcast is available on demand in the archives on our website. This means that listeners can still tune into the broadcast, at any time in the future.

At the end of each live broadcast, we promote the upcoming Supper Club events where we will be hosting live coverage.

There is no cost to Supper Club organisers and their guests to participate.
However, all Supper Club organisers are encouraged to make a special offer to our listeners as an incentive for them to come to their next event. This is optional.

If you would like to participate, please click here>> for instructions.


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