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So what was going to be a little trial run with 4 friends turned into a full blown affair with 8 guests last night!  First things first ....... Thank you to everyone that came and trusted the two of us to take care of them (Thank you for all our lovely gifts!  See pic for our new Official Shebeen Notice Board). It feels like light years ago that the two of us decided to take the plunge into the Supper Club Scene and here it was upon us - Finally.......The first course was the most scary and after that the whole thing flowed.

The recipe for success? 
*Many hours of planning 
*Flexible Furniture
*Supportive friends and family
*Excellent ingredients 
*A love of good food 
*A good sense of humour 
*Post Match analysis at 2am (Cocktails compulsory)

Mix the above together and you will get:

72 pieces of cutlery + 40 plates and dishes + 24 glasses + 8 cups and saucers + 5 empty bottles + 8 delighted guests and 2 exhausted but exhilarated Secret Shebeeners! 

Bring on the 29th of September! Our official launch!


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