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Find out where and when is your local underground restaurant/pop up/supper club

Just starting a new supper club, any tips? X

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My main advice is probably...only one drink before service!! :)

Mine would be not to trust the clumsy mister to carry food to the car....= Devastation!!!...

....Always do it yourself where you possibly can!!! hehe x

I find that I'm constantly lifting incredibly heavy things, big pots of stew, shopping for 40 diners, chairs, tables etc.! It's really handy to be able to lift all these things yourself so start doing weights! My sister always helps me too, it's great to have a right hand man that knows exactly what you need to do. Also I keep lists of everything I need. I go through each recipe and write out each thing I will need. It's all planning and pre-empting your guests requests! And I second the one drink before service advice!

Mine is keep a close eye on your spending and costings, I now we all do this (well I hope) for passion, but it's nice to earn a few coffers too.  At the beginning I used to just add a few extras in the trolley, because they looked lovely..these add up.


Try and grow your own herbs, and salad leaves, and edible flowers...Look lovely and saves a fortune.


Good luck x

Wear comfy shoes! Honestly! After three hours during our first few suppers my feet were so sore! Hosts happy = guests happy!

Good luck with your supperclub x

One minor personal observation from a diner's point of view - food served on heated plates would be very welcome if pos.  I know it is more work ... it would add value to the experience, I feel.

Hi all,

I too am looking to start a new supper club, but cannot find out if there are any legal requirements to fulfil before going ahead with this. I am based in Scotland, does anyone have any experience in this area?



Kelly - Speak to your local health Authority or go online for more information.

You will probably need to:

Register your kitchen with your Local Health Authority.

Get a Food Safety Hygiene Certificate.

Register as a sole trader for Tax purposes

Ensure you have public liability insurance.

But Scotland could be different to England so check everything out. Good Luck. Hope to see your events on here very soon.

Lynn, would you tell the local authority and insurers that you're having people round to your house to eat? That's quite different from running a baking delivery business which I currently do and am covered for. Thanks, Gwyneth


You can follow Lynn's advice but for the first couple...just see how you like it before you start doing all that perhaps?

You might do it once and nah, this isn't for me. Too much like hard work.

If you decide to carry on, then by all means, protect yourself and follow the rules.

It all depends also on how regularly you do it too.

I'd also suggest buying my book which has a whole chapter dedicated to this subject!

Thanks I'll buy the book! Gwyneth


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