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I have just joined ..looks great... looking at photos on here and net has made me  unsure re my new  teaclub  .house is clean and tidy ( or will be!!) but small terrace in South harrow back street.. convenient  but shabby main room fidlding to get 12 people in at once.. comfortable ish..not glam though.  Main drive is community rather than cooking skills hence cream tea.. any views or suggestions on pricing   and how you ask for tghe hte actuall dosh!! would be very welcome..I have done my product reserach and made numerous sandwiches scones etc.. Sams Tea at Three 

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hello thankyou for replies.. most kind.. i wrote this last spring  i think it was.. i managed reasonably well for  the summer as i used the garden.. 12 was max and as you say exhausting as i dont have help.  Used little comment cards tht i print out and envelopes  which wa s popular as its not to "public". No one paid less nd  some paid more..but  it was four courses at  £12 with a welcome cocktail and nuts hard to break even.  None the less it was a huge success in terms of me not being able to cook  andi did two  eveining  dinner clubs which went well.  My main porblemis getting  clients asi am  an o a p and not in a fshonaable area.. not such a netwrking genertion.. i even sat outside hte local tube  handing out leaflets.  Harder to do than one might think..including me!  Planning a private party  next week and a street party for June  and  cleaning the cups ready for  perhaps a march afternoon tea. Good luck wiht your enterprise too.. this has opened the street up a  tad andi consider that a success evenif i stillcant bake a scone!  regrds Sam

Hi Sam, just seen the date on yr original post! What you've done sounds amazing in itself, I think we're all in it for similar reasons, mine has developed into a business, but I am still bringing people together and I'm happy about that, especially when people come alone and leave with phone numbers of new friends. Good luck with the street party! Gwyneth



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