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Find out where and when is your local underground restaurant/pop up/supper club

Being new to this exciting type of food biz i am still worried about the legalities compared to a high st restaurant or cafe.

Can anyone share their knowledge please? What is allowed or not allowed. I know about the issue regarding alcohol. But charging & methods of payment are still a bit worrying. Where/How can advertising take place apart from supperclub fan group. Do all fans of supperclubs know about this website?


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Hi, can recommend Kerstin's Supperclub book which is a good "how to" starter guide. I initially asked for "donations in the region of "xxx" and people paid in cash - I passed round envelopes at the end of the afternoon tea and explained to everyone what I was doing, I've always been paid what I've asked for and sometimes more too. I've moved onto using We Got Tickets ticketing site and now sell tickets for each event, I've got too much on to reply to lots of emails and means you're less susceptible to dropouts because people just change their mind - and I use mailchimp for my mailing list too. It means people pay up front. I don't like it because you lose the "amateur" aspect of what you're doing but it's become inevitable. Some supperclubs do a ticket price and a donation on the day to top it up, then people have paid some sort of deposit in the event of a no show.  Good luck!


Yes my book has all the information you'll need for starting up. 



Thank you for the advice. I've been away from the site due to present work commitments. I'll buy the book soon.


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