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Hello Eeryone,


I am at the beginning of my "Supper Club Journey" and would like to set up my own website. However, I seem to have difficulties finding an easy website builder and host....Perhaps those of you who already have their own website could give me some helpful hints on how to accomplish this next step.


Thank you all so much

The Small Aubergine

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Hi i am at the same stage i just dont do computers stand me in front of a stove and no problem but a computer ah! if you have any luck with your query let me no thanks Ged.

Hi Gerald,


I found quite good. It's vey easy and userfriendly, so I am now working away on a site.


Let me know how you get on.


Small Aubergine


You need two things:  a designer for the pretty stuff and a techie for the hard stuff. 

Techies: you could try this site:

Log in and put up a description of the job. 

Techies from all over the world will bid for the job.

Hello, there are some really intuitive (and cheap) site building tools for the Mac - take a look at Rapidweaver - can't comment on options for windows users though I'd have thought there would be something similar.


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