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To dine with your guests or not to dine with them. That is the question. Thoughts?

To dine with your guests or not to dine with them. That is the question. Thoughts?

I can see pros and cons either way. Any experiences and practical tips very welcome



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I don't sit with my guests, I like to make sure they have everything they need, such as fresh tea etc. I Like to see them getting to know each other and making friends with the person next to them or across the table. I can't see how you would have time to sit down with them during the meal.

Get to meet them after dessert perhaps or as in my case during the Afternoon Tea. Different for an evening supper club as you are in the kitchen making each course. Some hosts welcome people into their kitchen, mine is open plan anyway. Everyone is different and do what you feel comfortable with.

Do make sure you come out of the kitchen at some point in the evening/day to talk to your guests.

Hi Paul,  I'm serving afternoon tea rather than supper. I don't set myself a place with the guests, I'm far too busy for the first hour or so! But, they do expect to chat to me so, when I'm in between courses, and have finished topping up tea pots(maybe in your case a course is ready or served) I think it's only fair to wander around and have a natter with whoever looks like they want a chat! I sometimes pull up a spare chair. I do like meeting new people, it's part of why I started the afternoon teas, and they want to knowabout me, my house, the food...I'd rather do that than stay in the kitchen hiding. I also make sure they know that the kitchen isn't out of bounds in case they want to pop in and ask me a question, I suppose to some extent it depends on your personality and what's cooking in the kitchen. Good luck! Gwyneth

Hi Paul

This is a difficult one.  My Supper Club is not active as yet but I have thought about this question.  I probably wouldn't have time to dine with my guests but I would pop out of the kitchen very now and then so I could have a quick chat.  I would also have my husband to support me, he is a great host.

What I have also given some thought to is to have the occasional Supper Club where my husband and I can sit down and have a meal with our guests.  I am hoping the guests that come along to our Supper Club would welcome that type of interaction.  I see going to someone's home for a meal as more personal,  therefore If I was a guest in someone's home, I would welcome the opportunity to get to know a little about my hosts.

Hope this was of some help.


Thanks. Helpful and similar musings to my own.

Yeah. I think I will probably join in informally towards the end.

I generally don't as I have too many guests. I can't keep an eye on the food and eat with my guests. If I have a smaller party then I will maybe eat the cheese or pudding course with them, which is nice.

But I have to be careful not to get too pissed otherwise the next day is a nightmare.

LOL. I never thought of that! To get pissed with your guests or not to get pissed. That ish the queshtion.


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