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Hello and thank you in advance for any help that can be offered.

I've longed to set up a club ever since I first visited an underground supper club in Sussex way back in 1996.  That place has sadly long gone and then I found MsMarmite's wonderful work via a magazine review in 2010 and joined this site.  I don't have a home remotely big enough or practical enough to host a club and wrote the dream off my immediate life goal list until..

My wedding.  I got married two weeks ago and held the small reception of 50 people in a gorgeous village hall on the very edge of Dartmoor.  All the food was lovingly made, right down to the pickles and everything locally sourced as I wanted to show my city friends just what the perks of living in the middle of Devon are!  Everybody loved it.

I'm now a little sad that it is all over but had a thought.  I now have beautiful vintage crockery, gorgeous glass and a whole load of quirky bits that I collected for the wedding.  Why not put them to good use maybe once ever few months?  If I can use a village hall with delightful views and a lovely littler4 garden then I can re-create the decor from my wedding in keeping with en afternoon tea venue.  

Can anyone think of anything I need to consider?  I've got to look into insurance as it would be me that would probably need insuring as the hall already has full public liability insurance.  I'd have increased time and overheads but it would be so worth it.

Heady summer lavender & lemon scones, delicate black truffle teacakes for halloween perhaps?  Oh too many ideas.  

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Ooh sounds lovely! A village hall is just fine...but you know, any home, big, small, posh, ordinary is precious. Personally I'm always interested in how people live.



Thank you!  I live in a beautiful area but in the tiniest house ever.  My entire kitchen is 3m square and has only one tiny sideboard.  I have a lounge which is full on ancient mis-matching oak sideboards which are full of my china and plates etc as I just can't fit anything into the kitchen.  I'd love to have one here but we simply wouldn't cope.  In a village hall I can have space to prep without fear of insanity! 

Maybe one day in Summer I could risk something outdoorsy here.  I have a small unruly garden I can put people into.  I do wonder if I beg a lot, if my new in-laws might let me borrow their dining room until I can clear enough books so that people could actually find a space to sit here.  I have a house full of books, random 'items of desirability that will come in useful one day', lego and china.  My garage that is oddly the same :)  oooh I wonder.  Would my very boring garage convert into a fabulous tearoom without the neighbours complaining?  A most interesting idea!


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