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Last year in the summer after many conversations of food and experiences, my boyfriend and amazing chef Ben and I decided to take the plunge and start up a supper club.

As a project manager for many years (and being as anal as ever) I drew up a timetable of when we could hold our first event, what needed doing, buying etc. I went into full organisational mode.

Meanwhile Ben dreamed up the delicious wonders he could bring to the table in his way and without a head chef swearing at him. Having been a chef in some exclusive restaurants and private members clubs, for him running his own kitchen meant he could have some harmony but more importantly, it meant our control of the menu.

We can use spices that are shipped over from mum and fuse together cuisines that you don’t get at the average restaurant. Using recipes handed down that we want to share or some that are the result of a happy accident. 

I got my creative brain going with some friends about our branding, what we stood for, what should our logo look like? Our theme is all about sharing we have huge plates of food and several dishes that everyone can eat from at every course, this isn’t necessarily the easiest way to feed our guests and definitely not the cheapest but it’s what we want to do and guess what? It’s our show. Our manifesto written beautifully by our friend and creative Ben Mears still stands.



I also discovered I was a dab hand at upholstery and I’m still so proud of the furniture we created for the supper club and the lovely fabrics we chose. When faced with a budget it’s amazing what you can do. 

I haven’t worked in a restaurant for years (although I’m still a sometimes barmaid) so although I don’t have a flawless silver service technique I loved the idea of hosting, getting like minded people together, sharing some good food and enjoying the comfortable surroundings at their leisure, without anyone rushing them out for the next service.

The events over the past years have had their ups and downs, we’ve had months with a waiting list and others where we’re surrounded by friends and family due to low numbers. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to success and each event is always completely different. We’ve devoted a lot of time and effort to each one.

On top of having a full-time job or in my case studying new subjects and working, it’s been hard and we’ve made sacrifices but I’m so glad we did. We’ve seen some supper clubs come and go and others flourish into books, restaurants or full-time street food and the landscape is great for those who have the passion and determination.   

There are so many supper clubs now so there are seasoned guests, many websites, blogs but on the other hand every month we’ll have people who’ve never been to a supper club, love the experience and go home with a new experience and a happy full belly.  

I’d like to dedicate this blog to Ben my partner in crime and food creator, my loving and supportive family, everyone who has been to the Sharing Supper Club and to all of those foodies out there, you’re amazing and London wouldn’t be the same without you. 

For those of you interested in our offering we’re holding a charity event on Saturday 13th October and we’d love to fill the house. 

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Comment by Casa Ali ~ Love and more love on December 7, 2012 at 12:06

such a heartwarming piece of writing and a beautiful manifesto!! very inspiring indeed!! 

Comment by The Spice Club on October 31, 2012 at 17:42

Congrats and Happy 1st Birthday to you! 

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