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After much consideration and lots of daydreaming, my addled little brain has decided that my love for cooking and quirky things has got to have an avenue on which to unleash itself.  


The wedding is over and the china all lovingly packed away, the glassware went kicking and screaming back into storage boxes and the gorgeous little vases and chalkboards cried pitifully at the thought of being banished forever to the back of the garage.  My cake stand did slightly better as it knew the stunning original victorian mahogany box was there to comfort it until next time but, when is next time?


Thankfully the cake tins can breathe a sigh of relief that they are not getting lost in the back of the kitchen cupboard, the cream horn moulds and English madeline moulds are not going to die of rust.  With the help of a village hall and / or holiday cottage then they shall all go to the ball once more.  Hurrah.


At long last the passion for detail and flair for flavoursome cooking can be lavished upon an unsuspecting public via the avenue of a secret tea party club and possibly a supper club too if I feel brave.  Now, I have the crockery, the culinary ability and unfathomable enthusiasm.  All I need is a venue and the concentration to work out a menu thus not feeding people to death.  Death by Afternoon Tea doesn't sound a bad thing. 


Oh and I need a name.  This is the subject of much debate. The Tea Set?  Perhaps.  The Quirky Cook?  A bit bratty. Devon Dumlings?  Makes me sound like a small round red-faced stew monster.  Oh dead. Back to the drawing board.

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