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Competition: win a digital thermometer from ETI

If there's one piece of kitchen equipment that will transform your cooking, it's a digital thermometer. I'm not kidding!

You can finally temper chocolate, or make sure your fish and meat are done properly when you take them out of the oven.

In terms of food hygiene, it's a must for every serious cook.

ETI have given two SuperFast Thermapen Thermometers (in the colour of your choice)

to members of Find a Supper Club to be won in a competition. 

All you have to do is comment below on your kitchen disasters, preferably ones that would have been avoided if only you'd had a digital thermometer....

A New Superhero for Your Kitchen

A favourite kitchen gadget of many celebrity chefs and professional cooks, the SuperFast Thermapen is now available to home chefs and BBQ fans.

The food thermometer has an easy to read digital display that gives an accurate temperature reading in under three seconds.

Available in a range of 13 stunning colours it is a must-have for all home kitchens; whether you are a serious technical baker or just want to enjoy meat that is both succulent and cooked safely.

Perfect for recipes that involve sugar, such as jam, or chocolate it’s easy to read display gives a quick and accurate food temperature in less than three seconds. So no more time spent watching your food spoil as you wait for a temperature reading.

Its water resistant casing contains ‘Biomaster’ to reduce bacterial growth and is practical and washable.

Winner of the BBC’s Great British Bake-Off and Celebrity Chef Edd Kimber is a big fan, “The SuperFast Thermapen is a really handy gadget for all chefs whether they use it for everyday baking, to make sure that cakes and sponges are done without being dried out, or for something a little more technically demanding.

“I totally rely on my Thermapen because it’s absolutely crucial that I get an accurate and speedy temperature reading for many of the recipes that I work with.  

“My speciality is Macarons, which are beautiful but notoriously tricky treats to make; relying on cooked sugar syrup where the temperature must be exact. The Thermapen is perfect for baking these deliciously delicate delights.”

Convenient with a foldaway probe, stylish and easy to use – you’ll wonder how you ever cooked without it.

The SuperFast Thermapen costs £57.60 and is available from

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Comment by Beth Tilston on March 8, 2012 at 11:32

Hmm, cooking for 40 people at a homeless shelter and serving dinner 30 mins late because I wasn't sure that the chicken was cooked through and didn't want to poison people.  The food wasn't ruined, but I was not a popular person, I can tell you.

Comment by John Barrett on March 8, 2012 at 11:30

among my many kitchen disasters where a thermometer would have come in useful I think the worst was last Christmas when I decided to make salted caramels. Without a thermometer I had to guess the temperature to heat my caramel mixture to and went way past, once cooled the caramels looked perfect until you tried to bite in to it, Jaws himself would have had trouble breaking in to the super hard toffee I had ended up with, needless to say the whole lot whet in the bin!

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