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Ok, so the temps have dropped to 'standard' UK summer levels, but in case we're visited by the mercury agitator again, here's one of our most popular Scratch SupperClub desserts.


For the Honeycomb

MELT 4TBS golden syrup + 200gm caster sugar

SIMMER 5-10 mins

ADD 3 tsp bicarb

POP bubbling mix on to a greased tray

For the Icecream

BOIL 220ml water, 250gm sugar and a vanilla bean 

SIMMER for 5 mins

WHIP 8 egg yolks 5 mins until fluffy

POUR the boiling syrup into the yolks 

ADD 800ml cold double cream (single for Aussies)

WHIP to blend

POP into icecream maker and fold crushed honeycomb through at the very end. Try not to scoff in single sitting.

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Comment by msmarmitelover on August 7, 2013 at 19:44

Beautiful photograph

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