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24th March 2011; the start of the gauntlet of cooking

Now pastry and venison casserole to do. Saw four beautiful deer while up in the traquair hills running early this a.m. Couldn’t look them in the eye! Not a problem they sensed danger and scarpered. Utterly beautiful creatures. Sun shining here gorgeous. Breaks are nice. Down to just needing 13 soup bowls and 17 teaspoons which is good going. Locals in the town really supporting me , nothing but positive comments. It is like Innerleithen is opening a supper club not just me. Just finished putting together the venison ooph, tiring work. Time for a cup of tea and a wee sit in the sun. Find me on facebook: honey wild supper club or email me on to book 23rd April

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Comment by Honey Wild Supper Club on March 24, 2011 at 16:01
ps just occurred to me , sharing this site with alot of vegetarian supper clubs and fans. Apologies if you dont like this bother you HW

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