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Where to begin with this! I fell in love with Italy the first time we got to visit as a family. After years of touring what felt like every corner of France EVERY holiday the accountant finally decided that perhaps we were over Frenched and would like to go somewhere else. Our first visit was also somewhat tactical, it was the Easter holidays and my brother and I had GCSE’s to be revising for. So, rather than being shipped off to experience the noise and vibrancy of say Rome or Naples we went to stay in a villa, on the top of a hill, outside of a tiny town, in the middle of the Marche country side. I regret to say that the tactic worked, I did return home with a whole piece of DT coursework finished. I also returned home vowing to make as many trips to Italy as had been made to France. Whilst I could muse on about various trips and the eccentricities of my family and friends the fact remains that I fell head over heels for this boot shaped country and like any good love it has only developed over time. Our supper club this weekend isn’t focusing on any one region but rather swings a bit all over the place to try and make the most of the variance between the compass points. The Dolci course is being kept a bit of a secret for now but I can promise you that it’s lots of fun. So without further ado here is the menu for Around Italy in 20 Plates! (Tickets available here)



~ Panella, Olives & Martini Rosso ~

(Fried Chickpea Cakes)

Il Primo

~ Arancini  ~

(Rice Balls with hot red pepper sauce)


~ Gelato di Parmigiano-Reggiano e Carta da Musica ~

 (Parmigiano ‘ice cream’ with Sicilian Music Bread)



 ~ Rotolo di Spinaci e Ricotta ~

 (Rolled Pasta of Spinach and Ricotta)


~ Agnello Toscano e fagioli ~

~ Ensalada de Sicillia ~

(Tuscan Roast Lamb with Beans with Sicilian Salad )



 ~ Uova con Soldati ~

(Eggs with Soldiers)

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