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Pintxos Evening

Serrano ham and tomato spread


Another supper club down and once again we’re very grateful to our lovely guests who allow for these events to keep happening. As explained in my previous…


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Where to begin with this! I fell in love with Italy the first time we got to visit as a family. After years of touring what felt like every corner of France EVERY holiday the accountant finally decided that perhaps we were over Frenched and would like to go somewhere else. Our first visit was also somewhat tactical, it was the Easter holidays and my brother and I had GCSE’s to be revising for. So, rather than being shipped off to experience the noise and…


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I have to admit that I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with chocolate. Not in the mad ‘I love it and can’t stop eating it’ Bridget Jones esque scenario but more in the ‘I can’t bring myself to love it sense’. I just don’t enjoy the sticky dry mouth that results from over indulging in milk chocolate and for…


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All Things Spring

Finally the weather is starting to improve (even in Manchester!) and we’re busy planning for our next event on the 31st March. The menu celebrates some of the incredible flavours coming into season, bringing with them a bit of lightness after the comfort-eat-inducing winter. The centre piece of this meal will be Michele’s signature stew – so called Lazarus because it quite literally raises people from the dead it…


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Our First Night!

I’m sorry that it has taken me until the middle of the week to get this up, will do better in future. I’d just like to start by saying a huge thank you to all our guests from Saturday; it was very exciting to have 19 of the 20 places filled for our first ever evening. We had an amazing time looking after you all and your lovely feedback was a great way to end a hectic day (I also think that I can skip the gym this week after all the running up and downstairs I did!). Here are a couple of…


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The Pancake Conundrum

This time last week I was prepping for the annual arrival of Shrove Tuesday – Pancake Day. In the Christian calendar it marks the last day before the start of Easter (Ash Wednesday). Having been brought up a catholic we only really tended to have pancakes on this one day, which considering how much I love them now seems rather bizarre. I’ve also become aware that pancakes, or rather pancake preferences, are quite the controversial topic. The battle lines seem to be drawn on two fronts:…


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Flavours of the Middle East Menu

For any of you who are yet to book a ticket or would like to know what's being served up at our opening night here's the menu and a couple of sneaky pictures! Tickets are only £20 and available from



~ Lychee Martini or Pomegranate Fizz ~

~ Grissini ~ Olives ~

Amuse Bouche…


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