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After some very exciting chats with a good friend of The Secluded Tea Party, I am THRILLED to announce that I, Miss Sue Flay, will now be baking AND preparing my Afternoon Tea Party Food, Cakes and Private Orders from the fantastically equipped and located ....


The very lovely and talented Tine Roche, Owner and Head Chef at the Cambridge Cookery School has allowed me over the last few months to take over her kitchen to host both a Tea Party and The Cambridge Clandestine Cake Club, inviting my guests along to enjoy this location whilst tucking into my freshly prepared goodies, so it is the PERFECT location to use on a more permanent basis. 


This weekend will see me packing up my baking bags, and storming into the kitchen on Saturday morning to start my preparations The Secluded (Crafty!) Tea Party which will be held on Sunday 29th May at 2pm.

  I can't thank Tine and her team enough for this exciting oppurtunity!

Allowing me to bake in the Cookery School will give me a greater confidence in my own concoctions, especially with some real professionals giving me constructive criticism as I go along! - I can't wait!

Cambridge Cookery School run some of the most saliva-inducing classes, including a new Posh Picnics Course which is currently running an offer if 2 people book... I would HIGHLY rate the classes in this state-of-the-art Kitchen in the centre of Cambridge. 


 I have taken part in one or two courses myself this year, and the recipes have appeared on 

The Tea Party Table from time to time, they are SO easy to replicate. 


This is the beauty of their classes... They can be repeated with ease once you get home and fancy giving them a go on your own using their easy to follow recipe sheets that you get to take home with you. 


A New and Inspiring Baking Residence for my alter ego. 




Miss Sue Flay



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Comment by Vintage Afternoon Teas on May 26, 2011 at 21:46
Sounds fabulous and must be better than a home kitchen, however well equipped...what a good idea...
Comment by My home supper club on May 26, 2011 at 16:04
That's great news! Well done. I've been meaning to email you to say thanks for your really helpful advice. I must get round to sorting out a Linked In account too. Enjoy your new residence!

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