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Result of my Maille Supper Club survey

As an ambassador for Maille, I posted a survey to help them explore the Supper Club movement.

To host or not to host

28%** of participants hosted their own Supper Club. 33% started less than a year ago and 37% less than 6 months. 11% host multiple clubs a month but the majority, 37%, host them once a month.

Why Supper Clubs?

74% host as they love the enjoyment of cooking for people and trialling the experience of having their own restaurant. Others because of the ‘more intimate dining experience’.

Creating an alternative experience

Many hosts use ‘locally sourced and seasonal produce’ or ‘create food people wouldn’t usually make for themselves’ to create a totally different dining event.

Supper Club on the side

59% of hosts have a full-time job and although 29% don’t make any money from the events, 25% make over £100 per Supper Club.

Frequent foodies

52% of guests go to a Supper Club once every few months with the majority, 59%, finding out about the events through social networking sites.

An experience to engage

80% of guests go to Supper Clubs as they find them more interesting than restaurants and 68% think it’s a great way to socialise and meet new people. ‘It's a fun, unique experience...totally different to anything else as you meet new people.’

Supper Club courting

93% think Supper Clubs are a great way of making new friends with 54% considering them a good place to meet a partner and 9% actually knowing people who’ve met at one.

A few of your thoughts:

‘Supper clubs create a community feeling which doesn't always happen in restaurants, it's also great to see people with a passion for food get their ideas out there even if they don't have the money to start a real restaurant’

‘The enthusiasm you get from Supper Club hosts is a major part of the experience. Supperclub hosts are eager to experiment and share foods and ideas they have.’’

“I love the diversity of food, venues and people who attend supper clubs. Plus the way it allows home cooks to share their skills n knowledge.”

“Good food, good company, interesting surroundings, fun!”

** Research carried out on with a nationwide sample of 195 people.


I'd love your comments and feedback on this interesting research....

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Comment by Helene on August 7, 2011 at 12:00

I totally agree with your quotes, Supper Clubs are great places to meet other foodies and people eager to share their passion for food !

I did a quick review of Cadrega, Italian Supper Club in Marylebone, where I had a great dinner last night with really nice co-guests and hosts.

Comment by Vintage Afternoon Teas on August 2, 2011 at 11:46
Congrats to the 59% who manage to host supperclubs on top of a full time job, they must be superwoman/man! Think this research reflects the diversity of what's on offer out there. Lots of different reasons for hosting and visiting, but two things stand out for me - the food has to be good and interesting and the people who attend supperclubs make em what they are.

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