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setting the table for brunch with friends

tomatoes and basil for roasting

portabella mushrooms, smeared with garlic butter awaiting a roasting

spinach and feta frittata on the hob

lemon butter and lemon sole on a bed of spinach and samphire about to be baked en papillote

This blog is about six weeks old. I have been trying, really I have, to take lots of photographs of the food that I’m cooking. Afterall, if I’m asking people to come and eat at my home, they want to see that I can cook, right? Well, what do my photographs show? Mostly that I can prep food well. I almost always forget to take pictures once I’ve actually cooked something. Why? Because I’m greedy. When the food has reached perfection, I’m not going to tinker around with a camera while it cools. No, I’m at the table stuffing it into my mouth. Savouring every mouthful. The post-massacre dinner plate is not worthy photographic subject matter.

I’m slightly better at getting pictures of the dude’s baking. Only because he’s got an ascetic streak that ensures we wait before digging into his spoils. He likes a bit of delayed gratification. So, plenty of time to hang around and take photographs of his cakes and bread.

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Comment by Fusion Supper Club on May 31, 2011 at 9:57
Very decadent -just like the photos portray :-)

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