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Want to eat at an underground restaurant? How about Yours? Here's a how-to....


After 26 fabulous dinners, we've written a how-to for non-professional chefs who want to host food events...

It's part of a beautiful book that will be available soon. To celebrate the book launch, we have also created a logistics kit for hosts.


This kit is only available during our book launch, which goes until 6 August at


This kit will walk you through step-by-step hosting your first underground restaurant event. It will also prove valuable for streamlining your existing events. With this kit of resources you will be able to relax and enjoy the process, because we have worked out ways to keep track of all the details






The Host’s Kit includes tools for all aspects of the event:

  • creating a menu that satisfies and wows
  • scheduling the shopping, prep, cooking, and serving and who is doing what (Gantt charts!)
  • equipment list
  • signage
  • sample menus (kitchen menu, guest menu, annotated provenance and history menu)
  • timeline from four weeks out
  • how to manage promotion, money, help, quantities
  • how to set up the space (with or without tables), furniture, tableware, and décor
  • making sure you aren’t under (or over) booked
  • ideas for themes and activities from many different underground restaurants


Ready, set, cook!


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