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My local village vicar is very interested in my supperclubs....he is super intelligent with a wicked sense of humour....what does anyone think of a vicar as a guest? Personally, as a host, I think he would make a great guest but do you think it would make other guests uncomfortable?? I used to work in television so part of me thinks this is such a great story! What do you think as hosts and guests?? X

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I don't see why people should feel uncomfortable having this fun-sounding Vicar round the table. He might actually be quite a party piece and certainly a great networker among his flock!!

Why would anyone have a problem?! Surely his interests extend beyond his job? He could be part of a fantastic night!

He would love your food Meena and be an asset to the evening.

I don't think so at all. I had the Mayor at one of my afternoon teas, everyone thought it was a hoot to have tea with the Mayor! I'd love to be able to serve tea to a Vicar "more tea Vicar?" is the saying on my teapot!! The great thing about a supperclub or secret tea room is that anyone can turn up and the more varied the mix, the more interesting the conversation around the table. 


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