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Just a few days left until the sumptuous Spanish Tapas this Saturday at the YO31 Secret Diners Club.
Nine courses of culinary heaven and my take on classic Spanish cuisine.

Making copius lists now: Menu, shopping list, order of prep... I need to get some sodium citrate, sodium alginate and calcium chloride for the 'spherication' of the melon balls. They're going to be suspended in a jambon consumme.

I've had a go at the beetroot jelly and it worked a treat! Tasted great too. It doesn't want to be too over-powering, as the chorizo and the sweet sherry dressing will carry all the flavour. I've had a version of braised chorizo in a sweet sauce at 'Ambiente Tapas Restaurant' in York, and it's awesome. You've got to try it. If I get anywhere near that I'll be pleased.

The squid, I'm looking forward to. It's such a simple dish, but the quality ingredients really shine here. It must be bought mega fresh, so I'll be off down to York market on Saturday morning. Hope they're got some. I think I'll go and see them tomorrow and pre order.

Don't miss out and message me to book your place!

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