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Post match analysis - YO31 Spanish Tapas

Our Tapas night went down a storm with the guests, and we have learnt a lot more this time, such as limiting the number of courses (ten is probably a little too much and stressful), and to make sure everything is tried and tested, and will work on the night. I had to substitute one course because I didn't have the required chemicals for the 'spherification' process, as pioneered by Ferran Adria of El Bulli.

I'll have it sorted for next time though. I have got the calcium chloride, which came on Saturday morning, but my experiment flopped when I realised that the melon juice also needs sodium alginate to react with the calcium, and thus create the 'caviar'.

We also discovered (well, we knew anyway) that supper club guests are the nicest people you could ever meet. They puit their trust in your abilities as a chef, and are quite happy to share a table with strangers. We see it as making new friends every time we host our events.

I loved creating all the food, and Liz was a star as usual. She also made a savoury course - beef in white wine, which was fab!

The beetroot jelly was ace, but lesson learnt was to not take it out of the fridge too soon!

Pics to follow.

Next one will be Thai. Date will be announced very soon. Message me if you want to attend.



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Comment by Scratch Secret Suppers on September 3, 2012 at 7:40

Sounds just wonderful Nick!  How exciting.  Love the idea of melon caviar!  Good luck with Thai - a great cuisine.

Michelle (Scratch)

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